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About me

Dedication and duty

Coach Charles was a former special operative specialist in the Coast Guard service earning 20 years of experience as a rescue operator. His passion for education and training boost his confidence to get up Sea Guardians Cayman in 2021. He is licensed scuba instructor, swimming coach, and physical fitness coach including martial arts and boxing skills. A good mentor and motivator for the young individuals and professionals, a highly motivated coach and a skilled scuba diver instructor.

Training and discipline

He conquered his fear of the water by learning the fundamentals of swim and survival skills, his interest and determination to learn hand to hand combat skills like boxing, kickboxing and other sports. He knows that there is no single approach that works for everyone, so he continued to challenge himself by learning more coaching techniques.

Learning and development

He took his instructor development course (IDC) with PADI in Grand Cayman to teach scuba diving courses. He holds a level 1 international licensed instructor from the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA). He is also a certified PADI EFR instructor. He obtained a black belt level in Philippine-American Kickboxing Association and won 3 boxing medals at the Ultimate Knockout Challenge (UKC) organized by Elorde Boxing Clubs in Manila, Philippines for amateur fighters.

Quality in service

Sea Guardians is a mobile – health and wellness company which offers personalized training for individuals who are into health and fitness, water sports like Scuba diving and swimming/skin diving skills. We can also help you achieve your individual personal goals towards learning new life skills to help promote personal growth and confidence.

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About Us

Sea Guardians Cayman (SGC) is a health and wellness company which offers (private/group) swimming lessons, recreational scuba diving, boxing/kickboxing lessons to both adults and kids on either outdoor or indoor locations. Our aim is to promote physical fitness, build self-confidence by introducing more fitness activities and techniques to enhance sports development and to aid in the improvement of the physical well-being of our clients.

Our Services

Sea Guardians offers the following courses:

Swimming Lessons

  • Rescue and Survival at sea Swimming
  • Swimming lessons for Adults 
  • Swimming lessons for Kids (2 yrs & older)
  • Open Water Swimming

Snorkeling / Skin Diving Lesson

  • Waivers form (including minors)
  • Dive mask
  • Swim caps

Scuba Courses

  • Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)
  • Refresher Dive (REACTIVATE)
  • Open Water Diver Course (OWDC)
  • Adventures in Scuba Diving (ASD)
  • Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOWDC)
  • Rescue Diver Course (RDC)
  • Divemaster Course (DC)

Emergency First Response Course (EFR)

  • Primary Care (CPR)
  • Secondary Care (First Aid)


  • Box-Fit Cardio 
  • Boxing/Kickboxing Fundamentals
  • Special Ops Physical Training

Types of Training

We offer three (3) types of training for Sea Guardians Cayman fitness services. You may choose from personal training (1 on1), to buddy training or couples training, and group lessons to provide a more enjoyable and challenging physical fitness sessions and aquatic sports. The coaching/instructional style will monitor progress, and in accordance to PADI standards, implement gradual fitness swimming routines and enjoyable cardio exercises that is suited to individual skill level. The details are provided below:

1. Private lesson

1 on 1 training (Personal Training)

2. Semi-private

Buddy training (Couples Training)

3. Group lesson

3-4 persons


Our prices are affordable and our services are reliable. Below are the fee details of our workout


No. of Sessions Rates Per Lesson
1 hr 1 hr 1 hr 1 hr
PT (1 on 1) Buddy (2 on 1) Groups of 3 Groups of 4
1 $85 $100 $110 $120
5 $380 $450 $525 $600


  • Waivers form if minor
  • Swim goggles
  • Swim caps
  • Own pool/ Open water
  • Camana bay pool (addtl 25ci/lane)

    Snorkeling/Skin Diving

    No. of Sessions Rates Per Lesson
    1 hr 1 hr 1 hr 1 hr
    PT (1 on 1) BUD (1 on 2) Groups of 3 Groups of 4
    1 $100 $120 $140 $160
    5 $450 $540 $630 $720


    • Waivers form (including minors)
    • Dive mask
    • Swim caps
    • Snorkel
    • Swim fins


      • Swim vest
      • Four site locations
      • PADI Skin diver card after the 1st session

        Scuba Diving

        No Activities/Course  USD KYD Days FORMS/LINKS
        1 Reactivate Course (refresher course) 150 120 Half day (1/2) https://www.padi.com/courses
        2 Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD) 150 125 Half day (1/2)

        Scan or Click here


        Open Water Diver Certification (OWD)

        420 345 2-3 https://www.padi.com/courses
        4 OWD Certification – referral course 375 300 2-3 https://www.padi.com/courses
        5 Scuba Diver Course 400 320 1-2 https://www.padi.com/courses


        Advanced Open Water Course (AOWC) 345 280 1-2 https://www.padi.com/courses
        7 Rescue Diver Course (RDC) 375 300 1-2 https://www.padi.com/courses
        8 Divemaster Course (DMC) 900 738 10-15
        9 Emergency First Response Course (EFR) 120 100 Half day (1/2) https://www.padi.com/courses/efr
        10 Repeat DSD 120 75 Half day (1/2)
        11 PADI Specialty Dives 250 205 1-2
        12 Guided Shore Dives 1 tank 100 80
        13 Guided Shore Dives 2 tank 150 125
        14 Guided 2 Tank Boat Dives 125 100
        15 Guided 1 Tank Shore Night Dive 1 tank 125 100
        • Register Professional Association of Diving Instructors | PADI https://www.padi.com/ using your official email address to have own PADI ACCOUNT. Click the tab on Courses and the requirements.
        • Fill up DIVER MEDICAL FORM with signature (good for 12 months effectivity).
        • Rental gears for scuba diving are all included in the course including tanks.
        • For DSD registration please click HERE.
        • PADI eLearning app please click HERE.
        • For questions, please send your questions to charles@seaguardians.ky and confirmation.

        Emergency First Response Course (EFR)

        Emergency First Response Course (EFR)
        Primary Care  – CPR 2 hrs $120
        Secondary Care – First Aid 1 hr


        • Application Form
        • eLearning EFR Course via PADI Website 100USD
        • Facemask/surgical gloves

          Fitness Boxing/Kickboxing

          No. of Sessions Rates Per Lesson
          1 hr 1 hr 1 hr 1 hr
          PT (1 on 1) BUD (1 on 2) Groups of 3 Groups of 4
          1 $75 $90 $100 $110
          5 $335 $400 $450 $500


          • Waivers form (including minors)
          • Boxing Gloves
          • Handwraps


          • Hydration bottle
          • Towels
          • Outdoor/Indoor lcoation

          What Clients Say

          I recently completed a diving course with Charles at Sea Guardians Cayman, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. Charles is an exceptional instructor – patient, knowledgeable, and incredibly friendly. Thanks to his guidance, I not only learned a lot but also had a fantastic time. I can’t wait for the next dive with him. I highly recommend Sea Guardians Cayman and Charles!!

          Ms. Jana Reig Alsina

          I had a very great diving experience and learned very quickly. Coach Charles is very enthusiastic when teaching and knows the easiest ways to teach young people like me. I am looking forward to dives in the future. Thank you!


          Coach Charles is a great teacher. He has a gift of making his students feel very comfortable in the water from Day 1 and he is able to explain what needs to be taught thoroughly. He is very patient and he makes acquiring new skills fun.

          He taught my then 6-year-old son to float comfortably in the water, to swim and do the strokes properly and most importantly, to survive in water and save someone in cases of emergency. It was just amazing how he was able to let my son tread confidently in the deep end of the pool on their 3rd session.

          Michelle & Mico

          New year, new skill! That is always my new year’s resolution. So for the year 2021, I planned to try swimming. I am a resident of the gorgeous Cayman Islands and yet I don’t know how to swim? Shame on me!

          BUT….. I am scared. Super scared! Scared as a kitten!!! I have zero knowledge about swimming. I can only step in the kids’ swim area in the pool but definitely not in that 6-feet deep part of the water. For me to learn, I need a school. A good one! One that has enough patience to guide me every step of the way. I decided to try the services of a novice player, Sea Guardian Cayman under the mentorship of Coach Charles.

          How was it? The journey was not only difficult but tough. Hard core tough! I did the right decision in choosing Sea Guardian Cayman. I can now decently swim. That 6-feet part of the pool is no longer a hurdle for me. Next year I am planning to join the Flowers Sea Swim event to validate the skill I’ve learned.

          Next stop? Diving! Where to learn this new skill? Where else but Sea Guardian Cayman. Rated A-1 for me!

          Celle Gomez

          Initially, I don’t have any interest to learn how to swim because I am already in my late 30’s. But I changed my mind when I heard from my friends who are almost my age, that they were able to properly swim after being coached by Charles. So I gave it a try and it was a good decision. True enough, after a few sessions with Charles, I was able to gain my confidence in the water, even the open water. I believe I will learn more with him in my next sessions.

          Charles is not only a good swimming instructor, he is also a good boxing coach. My few sessions of boxing with him were fun and awakened a new interest in me. His coaching approach is impressive as he makes it fun and encouraging at the same time. I will definitely recommend Charles to friends who’d like to learn swimming and boxing.


          My first lesson in swimming with Sea Guardians started 6 months ago, and I just want to learn to float, how to breathe while swimming, and eventually learn the basic hand strokes and leg kicks.
          It made a huge difference now because I’m comfortable now and I’m progressing with my swim techniques and endurance on the water.

          My goal is just to feel safer in the water, though not as a fast swimmer but confident in all ways when it comes to swimming on my own.

          Coach Charles was very patient and he gave me the best steps for learning the techniques which helped me overcome my fear of the water and become confident in my abilities.
          Thank you, Coach Charles!


          I started my boxfit journey (together with some friends) with Coach Charles for about a month now and I would highly recommend his boxfit classes at LIFT Studio to anyone who wanted to get more in shape. The gym itself is not very crowded and coach Charles is really good at what he does. He is very friendly and supportive of our fitness goals. The boxfit classes are challenging but always full of fun and variety. He also integrates some exercises to boxing so it’s a well-rounded workout. For someone who haven’t done so much workout before, I can say that this course has been very helpful. I have seen continuous improvement and I know I’m still a work in progress to my desired goal. We’re always looking forward to these sessions with Coach Charles


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